Karnataka: Use of allopathy by Ayush doctor proves fatal

An ‘Integrated Medical Practitioner’ is claiming his right to practice modern medicine even after the death of a patient under his treatment. The authorities have suspended the licence of this Ayush practitioner and he approached the High Court against it. Due to a fault in procedure, his suspension was quashed by the court. Dr Kulkarni PN is a registered ‘integrated medical practitioner’ working at Ashwini Hospital in Madikeri. The District Health Officer, by an order on April 12, 2018, suspended his licence to practice medicine. 

This followed the death of a patient who was administered medicine by Kulkarni. Approaching the High Court, Kulkarni claimed he was a registered Integrated Medical Practitioner under the Karnataka Ayurvedic, Naturopathy, Siddha, Unani and Yoga Practitioners’ Registration and Medical Practitioners’ Miscellaneous Provisions Act. Since he was an Integrated Medical Practitioner, he claimed he was entitled to practice Allopathy. Kulkarni claimed in the HC that his suspension was unilateral and therefore wrong. 

The HC considered the fact that the suspension order was “passed without affording an opportunity of hearing to the petitioner, the impugned order cannot be sustained in the eye of law.” The HC quashed the suspension order and directed the authorities to consider the issue again by providing an opportunity of hearing to Kulkarni. The Health Officer however will be at “liberty to determine the question as to whether or not the petitioner beign the Integrated Medical Practitioner is entitled to practice Allopathy.”

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